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Indus 2 Alpha

Indus 2 Alpha
Dimensions: 40х20х32 cms
Metal finning: Gold/Silver
Weight: 2 kgs
Wattage: 2х40 W
  • Wall lamps and crystal lighting equipment spread out their magnificence in space of the room and the larger the chandelier is, the more space it takes for it to spread out the gorgeous light coming from its crystals.
    A symbol of luxury and wealth – crystal chandeliers have been the most preferred choice for castles, galleries, theatres, parliaments, luxurious hotels, restaurants and exquisite private houses.
    Importer: Bohemia Glass – completely handmade – we produce quality!
    Thanks to the skills and abilities of the Czech masters and designers, which are due to many generations and experience in working with crystal and glass we offer items with amazing quality and beauty – crystal accessories, hand-blown glass and jewelry. These unique products excel with their precision and originality and are fully handmade. The delicate accessories which we offer are a symbol of glamour and prestige in society.
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    2 kg/pc
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